» receiver Starsat

» receiver Starmax

» receiver Star-x

» receiver Media star

» receiver ISTAR

» receiver TIGER

» receiver OSCAR

» receiver géant

» receiver Pinacle

» receiver AZ-AMERICA

» receiver Beware

» receiver ATLAS

» receiver Jb007

» receiver Qviart one

» receiver Qviart 2

All receiver serial number 12 numeral

to extend for first time with serial numbers of fancam’s accounts

Account fancam recharge serial number 12 code

A5/A5 +/MS-mini 600/MS-mini 600 Ferrari/MS-mini 750 Ferrari/MS- 900 /MS-900 Ferrari
MS-950 Ferrari/MS-1000 Laser/MS-1500 Laser/MS-1000 Ferrari/MS-1500 Ferrari/MS-1000 Titanium
MS-1500 Titanium/MS-1000 NewFerrari/MS-1500 NewFerrari/MS-3000 Laser
Starsat 8989/Starsat 9898/Starsat 6969Starsat 2090/Starsat 1515/Star-x 99

» all receiver serial number 12 code (menu-stb or information or about system)

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